This list includes beers we have as regulars as well as seasonals and occasionals.

Please note that all of our beers are produced using malted barley and as such contain Gluten, other ingredients are water, hops and yeast.


Traditional English chestnut beer with a robust malty aroma and taste, giving way to a well rounded sweet mouth feel. The caramel notes in this beer make it ideal with steaks, barbeques and curries
ABV 4.4%

Four Kings

Our legendary Strong Ale. First brewed as a Christmas beer but repeated demands brought it back permanently. That was 14 years ago and it's still with us! A rich and complex golden ale with a heady aroma.  

ABV 7.2%

Pale Ale

A golden pale ale with a refreshing aroma and a smooth clean taste. Full of Strisselspalt hops with a reprieve of honey flavour for balance. A perfect accompaniment  for fish, sea food and lighter flavoured dishes, pasta, blue cheese and fruity puddings

ABV 3.8%