Well, new website, my first ever blog and so much to say!


Some of you, most of you I hope, already know that Battledown Brewery moved premises just after Christmas to our present address at the new exciting development at Dowdeswell Park (formerly ‘The Barlands’) East of the reservoir on the A40 and just West of Charlton Kings which puts us just inside the Cotswolds and on the banks of the River Chelt. – visit Dowdeswellpark.co.uk to catch up with on-site news.


This is a very exciting move for many reasons. Apart from the obvious, decent car parking, loads more space, smooth easy-to-clean floors (Remember the floors at the old place?), we’ve got lovely views of the surrounding hills, and the wildlife to watch. But that’s not it by a long shot.


Given the better space we can organise the brewery better and move things around easier, we can even use a fork lift here! As well as the 'Off Licence' we now also have an ‘On-license’, we will shortly be opening occasionally as a bar with entertainment and food. (More on this subject soon).


We have better shop facilities and are now open longer too - so do come and see us.


Lingering thought for the blog....

10 thousand years ago if a Babylonian brewer brewed a bad batch of beer he was very likely to be sentenced to be drowned in it!