First of all, I would like to say a huge Thank You to all of you who have supported Battledown Brewery over the last few difficult weeks. Losing 85% of our customers overnight appeared to be a disastrous blow. The closing of all pubs was a frightening prospect for us.

We decided that, as there must be some of you who would still like the occasional beer and, given the whole lock-down situation this would have to be at home, we would offer a free home delivery service. We were not expecting the response we got. We had thought that we would end up tipping a large part of our stock of draught beers down the drain – far from it, we have now completely run out of stock of draught and bottled beers! It has been great fun delivering polypins and bottles in and around Cheltenham and meeting you on your doorsteps (social distancing practised).

Here’s where fate takes a bit of a twist. We had planned to close down in June in order to do a major brewery refit and install a complete new brew-plant, a state of the art, steam fired, mass of sparkling stainless steel. Given the current situation we rejigged our schedule and are now in the final stages of the refit and installation. With a favourable wind behind us we hope to be up and brewing within a fortnight, with beers ready for sale a week later.

I can only apologise to you for the interruption in supply but hope that you will understand that in a very short time we will be back on stream with the range of our heritage beers and also some new ones, brewed on our new hi-tech kit. The future is looking bright (and shiny)!

It’s difficult to give exact timings but we are hoping to have beer ready, beginning with ‘Original’, by 25th May with others following a few days later.

We will be updating the website with news and dates and also I will keep you posted with the occasional email.

Again, Thanks for sticking with us. It’ll be worth the wait!